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Garrick N.

asked • 02/18/14

Partial Derivatives

Let a and b be positive constants. Let R(x,y) = bx^(a)y^(b)

1. Calculate x(∂R/∂x) + y(∂R/∂y).

2. Calculate (a + b)R(x,y).

3. How are the two expressions above related?

I know how to find partial derivatives in general, but I am still at a lost as to how to solve this problem. 

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Jonathan W. answered • 02/18/14

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Garrick N.

Yes, I was able to get ∂R/∂x and ∂R/∂y.

Am I to just add ∂R/∂x = abx^(a-1)y^b and ∂R/∂y = b^2x^ay^(b-1) together for the first part?

And, I'm not sure where to start with the second part. 


Garrick N.

Nevermind, I've got it now.


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