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if f(x)=int(3x), find: f(3.9) b. f(2.2) c. f(-2.8)

If f(x)=int(3x), find:
a. f(3.9)=?
b. f(2.2)=?
c. f(-2.8)=?

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The function int(n) returns the integer portion of n.
E.g., int(2.7) = 2, int(-0.8) = 0.

If f(x)=int(3x), then:
a. f(3.9)=int(3*3.9)=int(11.7)=11
b. f(2.2)=int(3*2.2)=int(6.6)=6
c. f(-2.8)=int(-2.8*3)=int(-8.4)=-8