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asked • 05/10/16

Stats Question Finding Range, Variance, and Standard Deviation

Find the range, variance, and standard deviation. Express answers using appropriate units, such as "minutes."
Presidential Longevity: Refer to Data Set 12 in Appendix B and use the numbers of years that U.S. presidents have lived after their first inauguration. 
Presidents: Washington J. Adams Jefferson Madison Monroe J. Q. Adams Jackson Van Buren Harrison Polk Taylor Pierce Buchanan Lincoln Grant Hayes Garfield Cleveland Harrison McKinley T. Roosevelt Taft Wilson Harding Coolidge Hoover F. Roosevelt Truman Eisenhower J. Kennedy Johnson Nixon Carter Reagan G. H. W. Bush Clinton G. W. Bush Obama
Years: 10 29 26 28 15 23 17 25 0 4 1 16 12 4 17 16 0 24 12 4 18 21 11 2 9 36 12 28 16 3 9 25 23

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Stephen R. answered • 05/10/16

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John M. answered • 05/10/16

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