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write the equation described in slope-intercept form: (ab, 3b + 1)

please show the work

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2 Answers

Let's go little bit further.

x = ab   therefore b = x/a ------------------(1)

y = 3b + a  therefore b = (1/3)(y-1) ------(2)

From equation (1) and (2),

(1/3)(y-1) = x/a  rearrange this equation gives

y = (3/a)x + 1

Therefore when x=0, y = 1 (Y intercept) and when y=0, x = -a/3 (X intercept)



Basic slope-intercept form is y=mx+b.  It looks like you are given coordinates (ab, 3b+1).

x = ab, y=3b+1, m=slope, and b=y-intercept.  With substitution slope-intercept form is...

3b+1 = m(ab) + b

You can then continue to simplify the equation as needed.

Have fun!