Angela R.

asked • 02/24/16

Venn Diagrams

Hi there,
Parks a survey of 300 parks showed the following:
15 had only camping
20 had only hiking trails
35 had only picnicking
185 had camping
140 had camping and hiking trails
125 Had camping and picnicking
210 had hicking trails
Determine the number of parks that
1. Didn't have any of these features
2. Had exactly two of these features

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Kenneth S. answered • 02/24/16

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David W. answered • 02/24/16

Experienced Prof

David W.

Since Kenneth S. posted a good answer, I'll leave this.  It is what a teacher does to correct student work.  Want to be my teacher??
Oh, yes, lots of people get tripped up with logical AND and OR.  Be careful!


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