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What is the slope of 3--3 over -4-3

the slope of the equation can't equal to 0 and the slope is negative.

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Hi Ashley;
3--3 over -4-3
Minus a negative number is plus a number.
It is a negative slope which is not equal to zero.
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Hi Ashley, I have to agree with Vivian on this one. The way you stated your question looks like you already did the rise over run part of it but you were having trouble with the next step combining the signed numbers. Remember that when ever you have two minus signs right together when you are combining change it to a positive. Therefore the numerator becomes 3 + 3 or 6. The denominator -4 -3 becomes -7 because whenever you combine numbers with like signs you get the sum and keep the same sign. So the slope is -6/7 like Vivian said or 6/-7 or -(6/7). Either of those 3 are equivalent. Shannon picked what you gave as points. If they were points there would be a comma between the numbers and each pair would have had parenthesis around them. I don't think she saw the double minus sign either and her final step of -6/1 should yield -6 not -1. Sorry Shannon I am not picking on you.


No, you are right the denominator was messing me up, my x1 was was wrong.  I updated my answer.
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Hi Ashley, so as you may know, the equation for slope (where m represents slope).  Here are a few tips about slope, a slope that equals 0, just means there is no slope.  A slope with a negative value just means the line is another direction than a positive slope.  Now, I am assuming the points given are
point 1 =(-4,3) and point 2 =(3,-3), now using point 2 to be my x2 and my y2 values and point 1 to be my x1 and y1 values. I have x1 = -4, y1=3, x2 = 3,
y2 = -3
slope = m=rise = y2 - y1 =  _-3-3  = _-6_ = -6 =-6
                 run    x2 - x1       3-(-4)    3+4     7    7
Your slope = -6/7
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