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Write the Equation of a line that passes through (4,7) and has slope of -3/4

I have to write the slope, and also use point slope to write as my answers

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Hi Andrew;
The point-slope formula is as follows...
Let's plug-in...
Let's add 7 to both sides of the equation...
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Try this: 
Slope intercept form is y = mx + b ;  m = slope.
y = -3/4x +b
If it passes through (4,7), plug those numbers in, 4 for x and 7 for y to find b (the constant)
7 = -3/4 (4) + b
7 = -3 + b   Remember -3/4 * 4 = -3/4 * 4/1 (whole number converts to fraction by dividing by 1)
Add 3 to each side to get your constant "b".
b = 10
y = -3/4 x + 10
Knowing the slope intercept form is faster than figuring it out from the definition of slope.  Slope requires knowing 2 points, not just one.  The slope intercept form is easier to memorize and requires only two pieces of information - the slop and ONE point on the line.


The question requires the point-slope formula, not slope-intercept.  Your answer will result in a failing grade because Andrew would be disobeying the instructor.