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7+x=-3Show me the way how to calculate this.

I know x=-10, but I want to know the way to get there

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For algebra problems like this, we want to modify the equations that are given, such that we end up with an equation that looks like "x = ________", which will tell us the value of x.
We can do anything we want to any equation (add something, subtract something, multiply/divide, etc.), as long as we do the same thing to both sides.
In this case, we have
7 + x = -3
Since we want to get x all by itself on one side of the equation, we have to figure out how to "undo" the 7 that is being added to it. So, we will subtract 7 from both sides of the equation:
7 + x = -3
-7         -7
7 - 7 + x = -3 - 7
On the left, the 7 - 7 cancels to 0
x = -3 - 7
x = -10


You're welcome, I hope it helps!