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You roll a die, flip a coin, and draw a card. What is the probability that:

You roll a 5, flip a Head, and draw an Ace?
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2 Answers

Ok, now assuming it is 1/6 for rolling a "5", 1/2 for getting "heads", and 1/13 for drawing an "Ace", what does one do with these fractions:
(1/6) (1/2) (1/13) = 1/156
If you have a 36-card deck with 4 aces then replace the 1/13 ratio with 1/9
The probability in this case 1/108
Very small chance (less than 1%) either way.
Do not bet on being able to get that result very often.
The first two shall be obvious. A dice has 6 possible outcomes, so getting any number has probability 1/6. A coin has two sides, so there are two outcomes, each with probability 1/2, neglecting the tiny probability the coin stands on edge (just kidding!). With the deck of cards it is trickier. If you are talking about the 52 card deck, then there are exactly 4 aces, you may have 4 favorable outcomes out of 52, so your probability is 4/52=1/13. If you are talking about 36-card deck, then it is 4/36=1/9.