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which ordered pairs are solutions of each questions?(circle them)


A.(6,2)          B.(-2,-6)       C.(0,0)         D.(-15,-5)


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Both B and C are correct.

The y-intercept is 0, meaning that the line goes through the origin (0,0).

Slope is rise over run, so in this case it would be equal to 3 or 3/1. Since the y-intercept is 0, so you can start from that pair (0,0) to plot a theoretical line. You can plot points in the negative by making both 3 and 1 negative such that there will be a point three down from 0 and one to the left. Repeat: 3 more units down and one to the left. This gets us to the ordered pair (-2,-6). The other two choices cannot be plotted on the same line.