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what is the size of the moon in milimeters? (area)

I have a school project and I need to know the answer.

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The surface area of a spherical object is 4πr² and is measured in km², m², mm² etc. Since
1 km =106 mm, we have the conversion 1 km² =1012 mm².
For the moon you get   
4πr² = 4π(1.738*10³km)²    =  3.80*107 km²    =   3.80*1019 mm²
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If you're looking for the surface area, it's going to be in millimeters squared. I have figured out an estimate, but as far as I know, the surface area isn't yet measurable to humans, as there are vast craters and mountains that  cannot be measured (I don't think) from this far away. Ok given that the radius of the moon is 1738km, the area is going to be approximately 3.80*10^7 km, then in mm it is 3.80*10^13 mm. All I did was plug the radius into the area equation for a sphere, and this is all assuming that the moon is a perfect sphere, which it's not. It's a bit rough around the edges with all of its craters! I hope that helped!
Other great lunar facts: mass is 7.3*10^22kg, average density is 3300 kg/m^3, escape speed is 2.4 km/s, temperature ranges from 100K to 400K, largest maria has diameter of 1100km, craters get up to 1000 km in diameter, the moon's rotation is equivalent to it's revolution which is 27.3 days, surface gravity is 1.62 m/s^2, it's mean orbital speed is 1.02 km/s, and it's mean distance from earth is 384,000 km
My high school astronomy teacher tried teaching us that the moon was bigger than the earth, which makes absolutely no sense! I couldn't believe this woman was teaching us astronomy!


OMG! I got so into reading all this interesting stuff about the moon and forgot to divide my answer by 3, lo siento! Sinto muito!
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The diametre of the moon is 3474km. Convert that into millimetres and you get 3.474X109mm. The surface area of a spherical object is 4πr2/3, and I'll leave that part for you to calculate.