Dion S.

asked • 08/16/15

Calculus Question

Find the derivative of each function.

y = (6x- 5X + 2)3/8


2 Answers By Expert Tutors


Dion S.

could you give me an example how I could use the chain rule for this question.


Michael S.

Lets say you had the simple case of y=(x+1)2. The first thing you would do is treat the x+1 as a single term, say w. We could then rewrite the problem as y = w2. Therefore, y' = 2*w*w' using the chain rule combined with the polynomial shortcut (multiply by the exponent then reduce the exponent by one then take the derivative of the term itself). The derivative of w is simply 1. So if we combine everything together we get y'=2*(x+1).


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