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Is these questions an expression, equation or an function Graphs and Linear Functions

2y=4x-6,      8xyz,  y=5,        x=-4                 each one of these represent what.

Need to know what these represent

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Hmm, the expression is 8xyz because there is no equal sign. 

The other three:

2y = 4x-6
y = 5
x = -4

All three of the above are equations, but they are also linear functions as well, because there are no exponents on the x or y variables. For example,
2y = 4x-6 is not  linear.

The way you used the term "Function Graph" is ambiguous to me. Usually a function is just a function, and you can decide to graph it or not. So for every function, there can be a function graph.

As a rule, I would only look at something and say "yeah, that's a function graph" if it was literally a graph of a function, i.e. you can see the x and y axis, and there are points, lines, and/or curves plotted on it. 

As a side note, if you go to, you can type in any equation/function and it will graph it for you so you can see what it really looks like in graph form.


I direct many of my students to WolframAlpha website and also find it to be an excellent resource. I'm not exactly sure how to answer the above question beyond what James posted, the question could possibly be worded a little more clearly.