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y>6x+5 and y<-6x+7

its solving inequalities


Chris, you have to draw the graph y=6x+5 (the dotted line) and shadow the area above the graph. Do the same with y=(-6)x+7 , but shadow the area under the dotted line. Overlap area will be the answer.

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Hi Chris, Draw the line y=6x+5 (you can do this by comparing it to y=mx+b), where b=5 and m=6. From point (0,5), which is the y-intercept, go 6 units up and 1 unit to the right. This movement comes from m=6=6/1=rise/run. Since the original inequality is y>6x+5, this is a dotted line (it's not greater than or equal to). Also, because it's 'greater than', shade the area above the line. Do the same for y=-6x+7. m=-6=-6/1 and b=7 but this time shade the area under the line (which is also dotted, as we only have 'less than and not 'less than or equal to'). The area that is the overlap of the two graphs contains all the solutions to the problem. Good luck!