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write an equation of the parabola that models the cross section of the mirror. Assume that the parabola opens upward. Find the vertex, focus, and the directrix

A mirror with a parabolic cross section is used to collect sunlight on a pipe located at the focus of the mirror. The pipe is located 5 inches from the vertex of the mirror

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Hi Alliayiah,

The simplest equation for a parabola that opens up is y=x2 . The formula for the focus of a parabola that opens up (and has a vertex at the orgin) is 4*f*y=xwhere f is the focus. So the equation has to have the stuff in front of y be equal to 4f and f will be the focus. So for us, since we already know the focus in 5inches the equation will be. 4*(5)*y=x2 .

20 y=x2