normal distribution question

Attendance at large exhibition shows in Denver averages about 7900 people per day, with standard deviation of about 500. Assume that the daily attendance figures follow a normal distribution.... more

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Dr. Peabody shot a rocket off the roof of a 42-foot tall building. After three seconds, the rocket reached its highest point of 96 feet.Model this situation with a quadratic function, and use the... more


Finding the base and height of a triangle by the area

The area of a triangle is 64 square centimeters. If both the base and height are doubled, what is the new area?

f(x)= radical sign (6x-30) for the domain [5,∞)

Find f^-1(x) where f−1 is the inverse of fAlso state the domain of f^-1 in interval notationf^-1(x) = _ for the domain _


Completely simplify the following expression and indicate the restrictions on the variable x

Expression: don't understand. Doesn't the expression equal to 1? So that means that I can't simplify it and find the restrictions on x, right?? My brain... more


How many solutions does this have?

x3=-xA) 1B) 2C) 3D) non of the above

p(x)=2x + 2 q(x)= -2x^2 + 1

(q • p)(-1) =(p • q) (-1) =It’s finding the composition of two functions.


what are the statements and reasons?

given: Quadrilateral ABCD = Quadrilateral EFGH; AD = CD Prove: AD = GH what is the statement and reason?

How do you solve this problem?

The length L (in millimeters) of an antelopes bone can be modeled by the equation: L=24.1d^(2/3)where d is the diameter (in millimeters) of the nail. What is the diameter of an antelopes bone that... more


trigonometry word problem

Terence is enjoying an ice cream cone as he rides on a Ferris wheel that has a diameter of 65 feet. The Ferris wheel is turning at a constant rate. Terence notices that it takes 7 minutes to go... more


I need the exact statement for this proof so I can put it on deltamath!plz help

Given: ∠ABD≅∠BDEprove: ∠CBD≅∠CDB. C /\ / \ Note: AC and CE are segments ... more


Can I get help on this question

Two fishing boats leave the same dock at the same time. One boat travels at a speed of 15 km/h, and theother boat travels at a speed of 18 km/h. After 45 min, the boats are 14 km apart. Assuming... more


please help me!!!

sandra wrote the sequence 3,6,11,18,27,...what explicit expression can be used to find the nth term of this sequence?

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