find two complex numbers who have a sum of 14 and a product of 74.

isn't it 7+i and 7-i? i am so confused...


Newton's Laws of Motion

Suppose the mass of a fully loaded module in which astronauts take off from the Moon is 14,400 kg. The thrust of its engines is 33,500 N. (Assume that the gravitational acceleration on the Moon... more


Integrating with e

∫ex+4.2dxfrom 0 to 5. Find exact answer no decimals. example that was given was ∫exdx=e5−1 integrated from 0 to 5.


Physics Projectile Motion

A ball player hits a home run, and the baseball clears a wall 8.00 m high located 149.2 m from home plate. The ball is hit at an angle of 35.1 ◦ to the horizontal, and air resistance is negligible.... more


Kinematics Equation

A ball rolling down a hill was displace 5 m while uniformly accelerating from rest. If the final velocity was 20 m/s. What was the rate of acceleration?Your answer


help with some homework please

Find the acute angle α (in degrees) that satisfies the equation.


help with a problem

The air speed of an airplane is 600 km/hr and its angle of climb is 6.48°. What is its ground speed (to the nearest km/hr)


the product of 9 and five less than a number

A merchant could sell one model of digital cameras at lisice and receive $224 for .....

A merchant could sell one model of digital cameras at list price and receive $224 for all of them. If he had eight more cameras, he could sell each one for $14 less and still receive $224. Find the... more


Geometry hdndhdje

Given B is between A and C find the value of X if AB=81, and BC=15x , AC=186


Graph Transformation

Suppose that the graph of a given function f(x) contains the point (9, 4). What point must be on each of the following transformed graph? Please write your answer as pints (a, b) including the... more


What is the range of g(x)= 4f(x) ?


Asymptotes/denominator questions

Equation: y=(3/x+5)-(16/x)-11.) Name any vertical asymptote(s) and explain why they are asymptotes.2.) Name the least common denominator. Explain how using the LCD helps us solve this problem.

Evaluate the function at each specified value of the independent variable and simplify

g(y) = 7 - 3ya) g(0) b) g(7/3) c) g(s+2)


5 times a number increased by 8


There is a unique parabola that goes through the points

P = (−1, 1), Q = (1, 1), and R = (5, 6) that can be described by y = ax^2 + bx + c. Find coefficients a, b, and c.

The magnitude and direction of two forces acting on an object are 50 pounds, S68°E, and 110 pounds, N54°E, respectively.

Find the magnitude, to the nearest hundredth of a pound, and the direction angle, to the nearest tenth of a degree, of the resultant force.

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