How to use natural deduction to prove a statement.

Prove the following statements using natural deduction rules (such as conjunction elimination, implication introduction, etc.)a. [(p ∧ q) ∨ (p ∧ r)] ⊢ [p ∧ (q ∨ r)]b. [¬p, p ∨ q] ⊢ [q]c. [¬p ∧ ¬q]... more


Could I get some help with graphing, please?

Write an equation in the standard form 𝐴𝑥 + 𝐵𝑦 = 𝐶 for the line perpendicular to line 3𝑥 − 𝑦 = 2 with the same 𝑦-intercept as the line 2𝑥 + 𝑦 = 5. Then graph the three lines.


Intro to logic proofs

1.​​1. (J • R) H​​2. (R H) M​​3. (P J)​/ M • P      2. ​​1. S N​​2. S Q​/ N Q        3. ​​1. T G​​2. S G​/ (T S) G         4. ​​1. (G J) (H Q)​​2. J • Q​/ H 

English to Latin translation

What is the latin translation of “God sees (all) the good things we do.”?


Problem help!!!!

Determine whether the lines are parallel, perpendicular, or neither. Given the lines have these equations:Line a: 3x – 2y = –4 Line b: y = 3/2 x – 5Line a slope:Line b slope:Lines are parallel,... more


Can someone help me with predicate logic?

It's basically logic where it involves inference rules and the other rules.


Translate this passage from Julius Caesar's "Commentarii de Bello Gallico"

12. Flumen est Arar, quod per fines Haeduorum et Sequanorum in Rhodanum influit, incredibili lenitate, ita ut oculis in utram partem fluat iudicari non possit. Id Helvetii ratibus ac lintribus... more

Show that ¬[q∧ ( p → ¬ q ) ] → p ≡ ( p ⋁ q ) using equivalence laws.

Hi im new here, im looking for a tutor that can solve this. Help me to solve this by today. Thank you.

Is there a logical fallacy here and if so, which is it?

“If black people getting murdered happens all the time, and is systemic, why are you only crying out against it now?”What is his argument that is put forth? Black murders have always been a... more

Rules of Inference Validity

I'm confused in the equations. Can you help me to find this validity using rules of inference methods or resolution principle?

Proof by natural deduction

1. (~F v X) ↄ (P v T) 2. F ↄ P3. ~P /T

Translating the following statement in FOL

“A number x is composite (P(x)) if and only if x is divisible by some number y (Q(x, y)) other than 1 or itself, and x is not composite if and only if there does not exist any number y such that y... more

Syllogisms Help

No knives are firearmsAll Guns are firearms 1) No Guns are knives2) Some Guns are knives3) Some Guns are not knives4) None of the above conclusions are valid.Please explain the answer and the rule... more


Natural Deductions

1.         (L  ↔️  N) ➡️  C            2.         (L ↔️  N) v  (P  ➡️ ~E)            3.         ~E ➡️ C            4.         ~C                                /  ~P


What are the Latin words for service, savior, slave

Do they all have a common stem ?


english to latin translation

Can someone translate it the following sentences in latin The shield of Achilles is round. It shows two cities. The first city is peaceful. There are many weddings. A man was murdered and there is... more


An adjective has to have the same ending as the noun it modifies.

for latin


Natural Deduction Proofs. Using Modus Ponens (MP), Modus Tollens (MT), Hypothetical Syllogism (HS), or Disjunctive Syllogism (DS)

  Problem One 1.  (J v R)  ⊃ ~C 2. C v ( U ⊃ P) 3 .  J v R / U ⊃ P     Problem Two 1. U ⊃ [ U ⊃ ( B ⊃ ~ N)} 2. ( E v ~ J) ⊃ B 3. ~ U ⊃ ~ B 4. E v ~ J / ~ N

How do i Prove the following through natural deduction

Using conjunction elimination/introduction; disjunction elimination/introduction; contidional elimination/introduction, negation elimination/introduction; biconditional... more

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