Can someone help me complete the table plz

[H3O+] [OH-] pOH pH1.0*10^-8 1.0*10^-6 6.00 8.00______ _______ ____ 3.059.7*10^-9 ______ ____ ___________ _______ _____ 13.79_______ 9.6*10^-11 _____ ___... more


Express each exponential statement as a logarithmic statement. Label your answers.

a 5^3 = 125b. 7^-3 = 1/343


Ion effect and buffers

Kriel just discovered a new protein, Krielase and for it not to unfold and lose its function, herealized that the protein needs to be constantly immersed in a pH = 6.50 solution. He is therefore... more


At a certain temperature, this reaction establishes an equilibrium with the given equilibrium constant, Kc.

If, at this temperature,  mol of A and  mol of B are placed in a 1.00 L container, what are the concentrations of A, B, and C at equilibrium?


What is this?? Help me please

Write the formula of the compound based off of its name.trisilicon monoxide=


What is Kp for this reaction?

An evacuated reaction vessel is filled with 0.80 atm of N₂ and 1.68 atm of Br₂. When equilibrium is established according to the reaction below, there are 1.42 atm of Br₂ remaining in the vessel.... more


Chemistry Limiting Reactant

For the following reaction, 20.4 grams of sulfur dioxide are allowed to react with 9.63 grams of oxygen gas .sulfur dioxide(g) + oxygen(g)  sulfur trioxide(g)What is the maximum mass of sulfur... more


How do you solve this?

Are any of these equations redox reactions? if so what are their reducing and oxidizing agents?Na2CO3(s)+H3PO4(aq)→Na2HPO4(aq)+CO2(g)+H2O(l)2Na(s)+Cl2(g)→2NaCl(s)FeO(s)+CO(g)→Fe(s)+CO2(g)


What is the molarity of a solution that contains 25 g of KOH in 250 mL of solution?  What is the mole fraction of sulfuric acid (H2SO4) in 8% aqueous H2SO4 solution?


Question about chemistry 151?

A barium hydroxide solution is prepared by dissolving 1.51 g of Ba(OH)2 in water to make 38.5 mL of solution. What is the concentration of the solution in units of molarity? The barium hydroxide... more


what is the molarity

Potassium hydrogen phthalate is a solid, monoprotic acid frequently used in the laboratory as a primary standard. It has the unwieldy formula of KHC8H4O4. This is often written in shorthand... more


what is the volume

Calculate the volume of 0.129 M sodium hydroxide required to neutralize 13.0 mL of a 0.197 M hydrochloric acid solution.


Chemistry question help

When hydrochloric acid reacts with oxygen, water and chlorine are produced. The balanced equation for this reaction is:If 2 moles of oxygen react, The reaction consumes  moles of hydrochloric... more


Chemistry question help

For the following reaction, 5.72 grams of magnesium nitride are mixed with excess water. The reaction yields 8.69 grams of magnesium hydroxide.Mg3N2 (s) + 6H2O (l)  3Mg(OH)2 (aq) + 2NH3 (aq) (1)... more


Closed gas system

A closed gas system initially has pressure and volume of 0.399atm and 1.20L with the temperature unknown. If the same closed system has values of 353torr, 3470mL and 642.0 oC, what was the initial... more

CHEMISTRY (please help)

" Solve the problem; show your work in the space provided and circle the answer. Express the answer using proper significant figures and units." A sample of hydrogen gas has a volume of 4.4 L at a... more


I have these questions on a chemistry test and I have no clue how to solve them or what the answers could be. I'm stressing because I need this test in TODAY. Questions will be in the description.

For the reaction 4H2O + 3Fe → Fe3O4 + 4H2 how many grams of iron oxide (Fe3O4) will be produced if 112 g of iron (Fe) reacts completely with water?For the reaction Zn + 2HCl → ZnCl2 + H2 what... more

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