The graph of f is shown. Evaluate each integral by interpreting it in terms of areas

(a) 10 f(x) dx 0(b) 25 f(x) dx 0(c) 35 f(x) dx 25

Trigonometric Substitution Integration

Evaluate the Following:1.) ∫ (dx)/(x^2*(9-25x^2)^(1/2))

How to graph the quadratic function.

In Exercises 5–7, use the following information.On fourth down, a team is just out of field goal range. The punter is called in to punt. To avoid kicking the ball into the endzone, the punter needs... more

an equation that could be used to determine the time, t, in seconds, for the ball to reach the ground. Assume ground level is at a height of 0 ft. 

The height, h, of an object that is thrown upwards into the air can be represented as h = 0.5 at 2 + v 0 t + h 0, where a represents the acceleration due to gravity (– 32ft s 2 ), v 0 represents... more


Show the work for a, b, and c

The displacement (in centimeters) of a particle moving back and forth along a line is given by the equation of motion 𝑠(𝑡)=3sin(𝜋𝑡)+2cos(𝜋𝑡), where 𝑡is measured in seconds.(a)Write a formula for... more


On a number​ line, suppose point E has a coordinate of 5​, and EG equals12. What are the possible coordinates of point​ G? The possible coordinates for G are

On a number​ line, suppose point E has a coordinate of 55​, and EG equals=12 What are the possible coordinates of point​ G?The possible coordinates for G are


Find the inverse of f informally . Verify that f(f ^ (- 1) * (x)) = x and f ^ (- 1) * (f(x)) = x f(x) = sqrt(x)

You are verifying f(x)= square root x


Help me determine the distance

Noah and brianna want to calculate the distance between their houses which are opposite sides of a water park from briannas house. The measure ∠NBA as 80° and ∠BAN as 75°. Determine the distance... more

Determine the degree of the polynomial:

Determine the degree of the polynomial:–3.1ax4+2.5ax+2ax4+1.1ax4–0.5ax–2axeverything cancels out so how do I figure out degree of the polynomial?4th is NOT the right answer

I need help with this problem please!

Find a complementary angle to 5pi/13 rad. (Enter answer as a fraction)

I need help with these problems please!

Simplify each expression.(1 - sin(t))(1 + sin(t)) =

Write the trigonometric expression below in terms of sine and cosine. Simplify if possible.

1) sec(x)cot(x) 2) (cot(t) - csc(t))(cot(t) + csc(t))


Algebra 2 test tomorrow solve by factoring

How would i solve 8x^4-10x^2+3=0? Thanks for the help


the coordinates of point S.

The coordinates of point T are (0​,4​). The midpoint of ST is (3,−7​). Find the coordinates of point S.


Algebra 2 Math question

I have a test tomorrow and i am studying but i am stuck on this problem any help would be greatly appreciated. The problem is to factor 54x^3y - 16y^4.


Find the coordinates of the point three tenths of the way from A to B.

the coordinates of b is (11,4)the coordinates of a is (-4,-8)


geometry help homework

in a diagram shown, a//b , x is 125, find angle 1


Write the slope intercept form of the equation of the line described

Through:(1,1), perpendicular to y=-1/4x


Wavelengths question

Consider two photons: one with a frequency of 5 Hz and one with a frequency of 15 Hz. Which of the following describes their respective wavelengths?A. The 5 Hz photon’s wavelength is 9 times... more

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