Can anyone help me? please

Help me write a short story using these words approximately, consistent, cope, evaluate, phrase, plea, practical, random significant, sole


Are the words interesting and interested related or different please choose from one of the three answers below

A)Yes, they're related. They're both participles of the verb "to interest.""Interested" is the past participle of the verb "to interest" and is often used as an adjective."Interesting" is the... more

Looking for a poem about the (fictionalized) writing of The Canterbury Tales Prologue?

A friend of mine used to quote a poem that told the fictionalized story of Chaucer writing the first lines of the Prologue of *The Canterbury Tales*: > "Whan that Aprill with his ... ". When... more

elvis presley is called the "king" of rock and roll.while he did not invent it.

i try as ir or therefore or even though or make no change

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