Suppose x and y vary together such that y = 2 x + 7 .

Suppose x and y vary together such that y=2x+7.Suppose x varies from x=4 to x=11.5. Over this interval, how much does x change by? Over this interval, how much does y change by? Over this interval,... more


please help me solve this math problem!

the difference of two numbers is 8. five times the smaller number equals the greater number

What is -x squared


Actual time of the bulb is fired.

A flash bulb is located at a distance 30km from an observer. The bulb is fired and the observer sees the bulb at 13:00 hrs. What is actual time that the bulb is fired?


If AB = 18 and AC 3x + 6 then x?

You spend $30.40 on 4 CDs. Each CD costs the same amount and is on sale for 80% of the original price.

You spend $30.40 on 4 CDs. Each CD costs the same amount and is on sale for 80% of the original price.a. Write and solve an equation to find how much you spend on each CD. Let  represent the price... more


Algebra Question

 Suppose a flat rectangular board is built by gluing together a number of square pieces of the same size. If twenty squares are glued together to make a 4x5 rectangular board, how many of these... more

4 x 5 (30 / 6) + 5

So, I have had a debate with a few colleagues of mine. Between us all, we’ve came up with two different answers. 105 & 25 being the answers. VERY IMPORTANT... the “/“ *division* symbol between... more


PHYSICS: a ball is thrown upward in the air, and its height above the ground after t seconds is:

H(t) = 64t - 16t^2 ft find the time t when the ball will be traveling downward at 16ft per second

Solve cos^2x+3cosx+2=0, for cos, then for x.

I do not understand. Please help.


Find the slope and y-intercept

Find the slope and y-intercept of the line given by 5y+2y=-10


sides of a triangle

The perimeter of a triangle is 82 feet. One side of the triangle is 2 times the second side. The third side is 2 feet longer than the second side. Find the length of each side.


math help!!! Please

The cross section of television antenna dish is a parabola and the receiver is located at the focus, 5 feet above the vertex. A. find an equation for the cross section of the dish.( assume the... more


Calculus see below

Suppose f(x) = 2 for all x. What is lim when x is approaching -8 f(x)?


SAT Question: Subtract Gnarly Polynomials

(x2y − 3y2 + 5xy2) − (−x2y + 3xy2 − 3y2)Which of the following is equivalent to the expression above?A) 4x2y2B) 8xy2−6y2C) 2x2y+2xy2D) 2x2y+8xy2−6y2


1more than the square of a number

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