Assume you get an average of 2 texts per hour on a weekend. Find the probability that in any one hour interval there will be:

a.) 0 textsb.) Exactly 2 textsc.) At most 3 texts **Show your work for each part of the problem, please!


How much time it would take to learn Excel?

Need assistancewith the foolowing question.

 The female death rate in Britain in 2009 was 49.3 per 100 000 of population and the male death was 71.2 per 100 000. Given that the population of Britain was 61 113 295, how many more male deaths... more

It's statistics and probability related question.

a) A survey of park showed an average expenditure of Rs. 10.30. If for 20 girls the average expenditure was Rs.9.70 and Rs. 11.1 for the boys. Find the number of boys.b) A computer calculated a... more


brand of crockpots has a mean high temperature of 260º F and a standard deviation of 3º F. If a

brand of crockpots has a mean high temperature of 260º F and a standard deviation of 3º F. If acrockpot′shighest temperature is below 251º F or above 269º F, it is considered defective. What... more


Finding the probability

For my stats class, we have to do probability. We had to create a survey. So I surveyed 32 people asking "Do you like chocolate?" I got 23 yes, and 9 no's. A success is people saying yes. So the... more

(a) What percent of the runners have heart rates above 143? (b) What percent of the nonrunners have heart rates above 143?

In a study of exercise, a large group of male runners walk on a treadmill for 6 minutes. Their heart rates in beats per minute at the end vary from runner to runner according to the N(106,... more


how much was invested in each account if the total interest in a year is $575?

a total of $10,000 is invested in two mural funds. the first account yields 5% and the second account yields 6%. 


Please help solving this problem

7x + x-1 = 5 3       6      6


What research questions can the researcher answer using these data?

Time 1: When participants arrived at the laboratory and before they signed an informed consent formTime 2: After participants read and signed an informed consent form that told them that they would... more


At the movie theatre, child admission is $6.40 and adult admission is $9.50 . On Tuesday, 135 tickets were sold for a total sales of $1124.40 .

hi i was wondering what is the proper formula fro this problem?


question in description

Leila invested her savings in two investment funds. The amount she invested in Fund A was 3 times as much as the amount she invested in Fund B. Fund A returned a 6% profit and Fund B returned a 8%... more

Standard deviation 3

In a large class of 500 students, the mean and standard deviation of a final exam are 65 and 11, respectivelyIf the grades have symmetric distribution, how many students have grades within 2... more

Statistics Question!

Do adding multivitamin supplements to your daily diet help decrease the number of colds this a double blind or single blind study?

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