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The selling price for a fishing boat is $8,572.39. What percent of the sale price is the markup if the cost of the fishing boat was $6,600? (Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a percent.)


What does the basic photosynthetic equation indicate about the source of much of the dry mass of a plant?

a. Water is an important reactant and is therefore primarily responsible for the increase in dry mass as a plant grows.b. Inorganic carbon taken from the air is an important reactant and is... more


Can anyone help me? please

Help me write a short story using these words approximately, consistent, cope, evaluate, phrase, plea, practical, random significant, sole


What is the latitude gradient pattern?



What is stripe noise in remote sensing satellite images?



Are GIS skills really valued by employers?


why there are different peaks in different heights



What are some good GIS project ideas?

How can I find the nearest point on the coast from an ocean location?

Given some location of interest $X$ in a lake or in the ocean with known lat and lon, I'd like to find the lat and lon of the coastal location that is closest to $X$, as well as distance between... more

How do rivers last so long in dry weather?

I got caught in a downpour while climbing a mountain and was amazed to see, as I climbed down, the tiny trickles of water combine to form mini-streams, the dry rocks I had climbed up now hosted... more


Help me with my maths please

A phone line runs east along a field of 1.6 miles and then north along the edge of the same field for 2.75 miles. If the phone line cost $3500 per mile to install, how much could have been saved if... more

A rectangle from a cardboard of length 8 m and width 5 m

A rectangle of length 8 metres and width 5 metres is cut from a square piece of cardboard . if the area of the remaining cardboard is 321, what is the length of the square piece of cardboard   

Craig and Tammy recently sold their home for 255,000. Their loan balance is 135,680. What is their equity before paying seller´s expenses

I need help solving this problem I don´t know how to solve it please help


any subject name has only 4 letters?

I want to know that any subject name has only 4 letters 

Kenya exchanges $200 for euros (€). Suppose the conversion rate is €1 = $1.321. How many euros should Kenya receive?

Please help on my algebra homework. Want to make sure I'm correct. Thanks whomever makes an effort and answers. 


To reduce potential liability, in which area should real estate professionals not provide expert information.

To reduce potential liability, in which area should real estate professionals not provide expert information.Knowing how to market real estate business?knowing of market conditions?knowing the... more


A contractor builds homes on several vacant lots -Real Estate Sales

A contractor builds homes on several vacant lots in an established subdivision 12- to 20-year-old homes. The contractor advertises the homes for sale to prospective buyers. What type of residential... more


Which region was most affected by the Dust Bowl

the pacific north west the west coast  the northwest  the great plains 

Question about method of real estate investing

Hi, I'm a super newbie to real estate investing and have a question about a possible method I thought of.There are real estate investors who do what I believe is referred to as "wholesaling," where... more

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