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Would a reader of Jean Rhys's Wide Sargasso Sea miss anything essential without knowing about Jane Eyre?

I read Jean Rhys's _Wide Sargasso Sea_ without ever having heard of _Jane Eyre_. I didn't see even it was a prequel to another work, because I try to avoid spoilers on the back of the book.What, if... more

What is the 'full' version of The Epic of Gilgamesh?

I looked at a PDF of the Epic of Gilgamesh, and it was very pretty. Then, I decided that I wanted to purchase the physical copy of the book. While the version that I read online, which I thought... more

Is it usual to use “full-cry” as a stand-alone adjective?

Maureen Dowd’s article titled “Spellbound by Blondes, Hot and Icy” appearing in December 1st NY-Times jumps from Alfred Hitchcock’s favor of blonde actresses to the dispute of Hillary Clinton’s... more


How to improve understanding of long sentences in prose?

What are some efficient, methodical, productive ways to improve the skill and speed of interpreting, parsing, and reading long prosaic sentences? I refer not only to legalese or legal language, but... more

Is the Great Gatsby still relevant?

Why should students be required to read the Great Gatsby? How is it relatable for kids today?

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