Calculate Steady-State Temperature

A 0.2 m thick plane wall has its temperature on one side maintained at 50oC and has a thermal conductivity of 15 W/m*k. The other side is exposed to air at 30oC with a convection coefficient of 7... more

arithmetic and composition (please help ive tried everything!)

The cost to manufacture a product is proportional to the quantity produced, with a cost of $5000 dollars per day when 100 items are produced. The cost to store n items is proportional to the... more

Calculus Word Problem *Need Step by Step Explanation please!*

An object has a constant acceleration of 10 ft/sec2, an initial velocity of -20 ft/sec, and an initial position of 8 ft. Find the position function, s(t), describing the motion of the object.


Velocity physics help

A boy throws a ball up in the air with a velocity of 7 m/s when they are standing at the edge of a cliff 20 m high. If the ball falls and lands at the base of the cliff, what is the velocity of the... more


Start with Ebefore = Eafter to derive the maximum velocity in a spring SHM system

Start with Ebefore = Eafter to derive the maximum velocity in a spring SHM system


How much should each cup of lemonade be sold for in order to maximize the profit? (e)

Economics At the New York State Fair, it costs $500 to rent a 5-foot booth for a lemonade stand, and it costs an average of $1 in material and labor to make each cup of lemonade. When the booth... more

Pre-calculus Problem

A ship is sailing due north, parallel to the coast. The captain wants to determine how far the ship is from the coastline. To do this, he makes two sightings of a lighthouse next to the shore. At... more


I don’t understand this still

Please walk me through all the stepsThe quadratic function g(x) = (x+3)^2 - 2is given below. The function h(x) is a transformation of g(x). Write an equation for h(x) in terms of g(x).(x, g(x))... more


Momentum problem

Imagine two pucks sitting on level ice. Both pucks are pushed by identical forces across the ice over 3m. While both pucks start at rest, puck A is twice as massive as puck B. Which puck has a... more


Find the area of the sector for the given radius and arc length s.

find the area of the sector for the given radius and arc length a. r=a , s=a


Math word problems giving me a major headache any help?

 Trevor's school is selling tickets to a play. On the first day of ticket sales the school sold 1 senior citizen ticket and 12 child tickets for a total of $182. The school took in $252 on the... more

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