Physics Problem

An experienced archer shot an arrow from the top of a fortress with a launch angle of +15.0° from the horizontal direction. The arrow moved at 43.3 m/s at the instant it was at the top of its... more


Gravitational Potential Energy physics

Candy bar has an energy content of 212 Cal = 212 kcal = 8.87 x 105 J. If 81.0 kg mountain climber eats the bar, how much altitude (y) should she be able to gain? (Assume her body is 100% efficient... more


What equation do I use for this problem?

0.700 moles of an unknown solid is placed into water to make 150.0 mL of solution. The solution's temperature decreases by 5.51°C. Calculate ∆H, in kJ/mol, for the dissolution of the unknown solid.... more


Question about an arrow diagram

My question is this, I understand how to find the S diagram, once I find the cartesian products and do x < y which explain all the arrows in the S diagram. However, I do not understand the T... more


math probability

You roll a fair six-sided die twice. Find the probability of rolling a 1 the first time and a number greater than 2 the second time.

Chemistry question

A scientist measures the standard enthalpy change for the following reaction to be 215.0 kJ : CH4(g) + H2O(g)3H2(g) + CO(g) Based on this value and the standard enthalpies of formation for the... more

lengths of steel and rod bars

. A composite rod is made by joining two rods of different materials but with the same cross-sectional area as shown below. Design such a composite rod using steel (α = 11 x 10-6 / C°) and brass (α... more

Suppose that g(x,y,z)= x^3y^2z^-1 determine the hessian h(g) at the point (1,1,1)

I actually have an initial solution to this, I just got stuck and I do not know if what I did was rightg(x,y,z) =x3y2z-1Fx=3x2y2 z-1Fy=x32yz-1Fz=x3y2-z-1Then the second partial derivativeFxx=... more


what is the velocity?

The position of a particle moving along a coordinate line is s = 1/t with s in meters and t in seconds. Find the particle's velocity at  t= 0.1 sec.


Tin has 10 stable isotopes. The heaviest, 124Sn, makes up 5.80% of naturally occurring tin atoms. How many atoms of 124Sn are present in 91.0 g of naturally occurring tin?

Tin has 10 stable isotopes. The heaviest, 124Sn, makes up 5.80% of naturally occurring tin atoms.How many atoms of 124Sn are present in 91.0 g of naturally occurring tin?What is the total mass of... more


What is the mass, in grams, of 9.35×1024 molecules of methanol (CH3OH)?

What is the mass, in grams, of 9.35×1024 molecules of methanol (CH3OH)?


What’s the answer

Find the area of the region bounded by x=8-2y2 and x=1-(1/4)y2a. Best way to slice(horizontal or vertical)b. Height/width of slicec. Thickness of sliced. Area


Find the angle between vectors u = (1, -2, 4) and v = (-2, 0, 3) (when they are positioned tail to tail).

Find the angle between vectors u (arrow on top) = (1, -2, 4) and v (arrow on top) = (-2, 0, 3) (when they are positioned tail to tail).

How to solve what the molarity is?


Need answered Asap

Use differentials to approximate the value of tan (47) . Round your answer to the nearest thousandth. Hint: think in terms of radians

Hello please please help with my homework asap

1.) Determine whether f is an exponential function of x. If so, find the constant ratio.A.) f is not an exponential function.B.) f is an exponential function with a constant ratio of 1/2.C.) f is... more


Find the following using the table below.

x 1 2 3 4 f(x) 1 2 3 4 f′(x) 2 4 3 1 g(x) 2 1 3 4 g′(x) 4 2 1 3 h'(3) if h(x) = f(x) g(x)h′(3) if h(x)=f(x)/g(x)h′(3) if h(x) = f(g(x)  


Physics question

Que) bowling ball and a golf ball are rolling towards you at the same velocity. It takes the same time to stop the both. How do the two stopping forces compare? Draw a diagrama)it take more force... more


what must be the effective spring constant of the bumper material, assuming the car has a mass of 1110 kg and is tested by ramming into a solid wall?

Today's cars have elastic bumpers that are designed to compress and rebound without any physical damage at speeds below about 5 mi/h (8 km/h). The material of the bumpers behaves essentially as an... more

∫ secx(secx + 2tanx − cosx)dx

Determine the following antiderivative:∫ secx(secx + 2tanx − cosx)dx


calculus question

 Find the area of the region that is inside the graph of r = 1 and outside of the graph of r = 1 + cos (θ). 1.127 1.215 1.275 1.375 I am getting 1.275, I'm not sure if that is right... more


stoichometry question

Zinc sulfide solid reacts with oxygen gas to produce solid zinc oxide and sulfur dioxide gas. A mixture of the reactants originally contains 380.0 g of zinc sulfide and 176.0 g of oxygen gas. What... more

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