binomial distribution

Find the probability of 2 or 3 successes in 7 trials of a binomial experiment in which the probability of success in any one trial is 42% Round to the nearest tenth of a percent.

How do you develop and where do you get information from?

I try to develop in my profession, but there is a problem with where to get information. Something interesting, I bookmark, but I do not always go back there and there is no synchronization and... more

Factorise this equation.

The equation is as follows: 6mn+4m+3n+2


Can you find the 'God gene' in fractals or better yet in the symphony of string theory?

With our knowledge of science and mathematics can we one day really answer the ultimate question of why we are here on planet earth?

How do you work 15 + 10x

Working on distributive property....this is the answer I got after simplifying.....now is this the answer or do I complete this as well?


how do I evaluate natural log functions

also, how do I simplify e^[ln(5x-1)]

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