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Today only, a desk is being sold at a 24% discount. The sale price is $323. What was the price yesterday?

I can't figure out how to solve this problem. Please help.

Write an equation

Ten more than 4 times a number is 26.


What is the measure of the complement of 27 degrees?


math help cant quite figure it out

1.     At the football game, 4 hotdogs and 2 sodas cost $8. The cost of 5 hotdogs and 3 drinks is $10.50. Determine the cost of a hotdog and the cost of a soda.

Ratio and proportion (maybe)

to make his favorite punch Mr. Batalas uses 2/3 cup of ginger ale and 1/4 cup of cola to make 1 cup of punch. How many cups of each are required to make 20 cups of punch?


What's the equation for this sequence: 9, 36, 81, 144?


Math Percentages

On a 150-question test a student answered 87 correctly. What percent of the problems did the student work correctly? 


How many students can fit into one bus and one van

-The senior classes at West High School and North High School planned separate trips to the state fair. The senior class at West High School rented and filled 10 vans and 6 buses with 276 students.... more


Please help me with my Math!!

Tenisha Gist cuts brass plates for an engraving job. From a sheet of brass, three pieces 4  4/5 inches wide and two pieces 7 3/8 inches wide are cut. What is the smallest sheet of brass... more


75% of a payment

If we are receiving a payment of $29,000 and we’re told this is 75% of the total payout with the remainder (25%) coming a few months later. How much is the second payment or the 25%?


Which equation could be used to determine how many movies were rented if your monthly bill was ?

A movie rental program charges  per month plus an additional  for each movie rented. Which equation could be used to determine how many movies were rented if your monthly bill was ?


Thirty four more than a certain number is 98. What is that number?

i need some help on understanding this equation.


Uploading pages

Uploading pagesIs there a way to upload more than 30 pages to the whiteboard?Or can more then 30 pages be uplaodes and as we delete pages the new pages that were after 30 appear?We need to have the... more

I don’t understand the question at all

A number increased by -55 is -173. Write the equation and solve.


Math- Ratio and Proportion

If Anne sells three times as many boxes of cookies as Nicole, then she will have sold 68 more boxes than Nicole sells. Anne has currently sold 703 boxes more than 25% of what Emma has sold. Emma... more


Explain why "Who is she playing the piano?" is incorrect?

A teacher asked me this question and I am having a hard time finding a simple way to explain it for her to share with her students. I`m looking for the easiest way to explain it to her because she... more
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