Find the derivative of x sec x + 1/x.

Walk me through this, please


What is this answer?

Use synthetic division to find the function value.​ Then, check your work using a graphing calculator.​f(x)=x4−x3−16x2+36x−33​; Find ​f(3​).


solve this Function Notation



how would it ccost to buy 68 shirts

You are ordering shirts for a club at your school. The function f(x)=12x+25 represents the cost of ordered  shirts. How much would it cost to buy 68 shirts?


Find the domain and range for the following relation. Enter numbers in increasing order.


Evaluate the function

Hi... how do i solve this... whats the answer...?Im so confused... even though it looks easyf(x+h)= (square root symbol is supposed to be here) x-1 (these numbers are inside of it)


Identify the coordinate (points) represented in the function y - 12 = 4(x + 5)

Can u check it because I am a little confused on how start this method and finding the coordinates?


please answer thw question

Use the diagram shown.If ∠1 ≅ ∠3, which conclusion can be made? A. a ∥ b B. c ∥ d C. c ⊥ a D. b ⊥ d


Through (-1, -5), Slope = 1

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