Alfred Adult All in One Adult Piano 1

Hello,I am beginner learning to play piano on own practicing since last 2 years I had played from other short books and then I started Alfred Adult Piano 1 since last 1 year, 4 moths on page 146 ... more

Does the bass note in a "slash" chord really have an associated interval?

I have a question about "slash" chords. Look at the chord E/G: <pre> E G♯ B G 1 3 5 ? </pre> G is the minor 3rd interval (♭3) in the key of E. However, I would have thought by... more


-3x-15=45 what does x equal

What does x equal  i understand how to get the answer but i get confused if i subtract -3x from 45 or 15 from 45

Higher Level Math Question---> Russian Lucky Numbers?!

In Russia you get into a bus, take a ticket, and sometimes say : Wow, a lucky number! Bus tickets are numbered by 6-digit numbers, and a lucky ticket has the sum of 3 first digits being equal to... more

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