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Events and Probability

At central online high school, 45/100 of the students have a dog, 30/100 have a cat, and 18/100 have both a dog and a cat. What is the probability that a student who has a dog also has a cat?Enter... more


Is there any difference on the use of I'm and I am?

Is it correct to write I am Gerardo and I am here. or I am Gerardo and I'm here. Is there any difference between these two statements?

at the floor vs. "on the floor"?

For the following sentences:> - He threw the book *at* the floor.> - He threw the book *on* the floor.I know the book hit the floor in both sentences but which one is more commonly used and... more

What is "Godspeed"?

Title says it all. What does it really mean? What is its origin?


What can affect basal metabolic rate?



How to write an equation

A theater is divided in 2 sections A&B. Each section has 10 rows. The first row has 20 seats and each row after that has 2 more seats. Find total number of seats

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