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under a dilation of the point M(15,6) is M'(5,2). Choose the general rule that describes the dilation mapping point M to point M'

A: (x,y)->(1/3x,1/3y)B: (x,y)->(1/3x,3y)C:(x,y)->(3x,1/3y)D:(x,y)->(3x,3y)
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Geometry translations

Write a function to represent each series of transformations: rotation of 90 degrees counterclockwise about the origin, point O, then a reflection across the x-axis reflection across the y-axis,... more
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Algebra 1 Translations on a coordinate plane

Coordinates of ABCA (-7,9)B (7,2)C (-2,-6)Translation vector (9,0) Coordinates of A'B'C( , )( , )( , )Translation vector (0,-12)Coordinates of A'B'C( , )( , )( , )Translation vector... more
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How would you rotate a circle?

I know you logically don't have to, since it is a circle after all, but what would the formula be (in standard form) for a cicle (or semicircle I suppose) turned by, say, π/2 (90°)?


Eight less than twice x


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