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[PHYSICS QS] A Particle travel in a circular path of radius 0.2 m with a constant K.E of 4J. What will be the Net force?

A physics Numerical. It'll be a great of someone tell me how to solve it. Thanks!


A wheel of mass 10 kg and radius 2m rotates with angular velocity w= 2pi rad/s

a)If constant torque is applied to the wheel and it comes to rest in 2 seconds, what is the magnitude of the angular acceleration? b) Calculate the magnitude of the torque required to bring the... more
Physics Numericals


speed and distance of a car

when the speed of a car is v,the minimum distance over which it can be stopped is s. If the speed becomes nv,what will be the minimum distance over which it can be stopped?
Physics Numericals


A bullet is fired upward reaches maximum height of 2500m. find out how long it would have taken to reach the height of 2500m

 This is a numerical of physics which i cant solve so please help mee

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