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Stochiometry Chemistry


Stochiometry question.

Use the below equation, how many grams of lithium nitrate is required to produce 250g of lithium sulfate?Pb(SO4)2 + 4LiNO3 = Pb(NO3)4 + 2Li2SO4
Stochiometry Chemistry Solution


Making A Solution

Make a 50.0 ml of a solution that is 0.080 M sulfuric acid and also 0.20 M in KIO3. Calculate how many milliliters of 0.080 M sulfuric acid are needed to make 50.0 ml of 0.080 M sulfuric acid.... more
Stochiometry Chemistry Solutions


Making a Solution

Make 50.0ml of a solution that is both 0.15 M in malonic acid, CH2(CO2H)2 and 0.020 M MnSO4. Tip: Simply Calculate how grams of malonic acid to make 50.0 ml of 0.15 M malonic acid and how many... more


If I have 6.00L of 5.5M hydrochloric acid and I want to dry it out, how many grams of HCl will I have?

I’m trying to find grams 
Stochiometry Math Science


What volume of CO can be produced from the complete decomposition of 444g of Ni(CO)4?

The reaction is: Ni(CO)4= Ni(s)+ 4CO(g)
Stochiometry Chemistry


1 mole CaCI2 / 40.08 g Ca + 70.9 g CI2 * 89.3 g CaCI2 / 1 = ?

 1 mole CaCI2 / 40.08 g Ca + 70.9 g CI2 * 89.3 g CaCI2 / 1 = ?
Stochiometry Chemistry Chemistry Lab


Stoiciometry & Limiting reagent

In the reaction A + 2B ---> 3C + D , If 93g of A and 85g of B are combined, which reactant is the limiting reagent, and what is the theoretical yield of C in grams? (MM(A)= 55g/mole, MM(B)=... more


what mass of silver iodide can be made by the reaction of 10g of silver nitrate with 10g of sodium

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