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Why is 2-methylpropene less in energy than its alkene counterparts?

Other isomers include 1-butene, cis 2-butene, and trans 2-butene. Why would 2-methylpropene be less in energy if there is more steric hindrance?

The effect of hyperconjugation on the stability of alkenes with MO theory?

Hyperconjugation stabilizes carbocations and that makes sense because electrons are given to the empty p orbital. But how does it stabilize alkenes? Can molecular orbital theory be used to explain... more


What is the reason for the exceptional stability of the cyclopropylmethyl carbocation?

Can someone explain this to me by drawing resonance structures for the cyclopropylmethyl carbocation please? Also one more question, is the tricyclopropylmethyl carbocation more stable than... more
Stability Organic Chemistry


What makes an epoxide stable?

Overall ring strain seems to be a big issue when it comes to organic chemistry. That is why cyclopentane may be in an "envelope form" or why cyclobutane may be in a kinked, kite form. Both of these... more


Is the t-butyl carbocation more stable than the benzyl carbocation?

Various authors have different views regarding stability order of the benzyl and *t*-butyl carbocations. $$\\ce{PhCH2+ ; (CH3)3C+}$$ In my opinion, resonance effect dominates, so the benzylic... more


Why aren't lower aromatic organic compounds taught?

Why aren't aromatic compounds with 3, 4 or 5 carbon atoms taught at high school level chemistry? We are instead directly taught about aromatic compounds with 6 carbons/benzene rings. Why? My core... more

Thermodynamic stability of meta-xylene over ortho- and para-isomers?

When talking about the example of the alkylation of toluene by chloromethane in the presence of $\\ce{AlCl3}$, Hepworth, Waring and Waring (2002) mentioned that: >At room temperature, a mixture... more

How to identify a compound as chiral or achiral?

I read my book and learned everything about enantiomers, racemization, $\\mathrm{S_N1}$ and $\\mathrm{S_N2}$ reactions, but when I'm trying to identify molecules as chiral or achiral, I get... more


Why are acetals stable to bases and nucleophiles?

> Why are acetals stable to bases and nucleophiles? Could it be due to electronic effects? Lone pairs on the two oxygen atoms create an unfavorable environment for the approaching nucleophiles... more


What causes tropomyosin's affinity for actin?

I'm doing research via expansion microscopy on tropomyosin stability and how it effects actin myosin binding and muscle contraction. I'm super new to research so I don't think my professor expects... more


Find the stability of this differential equation

Find the stability of this differential equation and explain if it's stable or unstable   dy/dt = (1-y)(y+3)

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