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Which compound reacts faster in the Cannizzaro Reaction?

> Which reacts faster in the Cannizzaro Reaction? >a) $\\ce{OHC-C6H4-NO2}$ b) $\\ce{OHC-C6H4-OCH3}$ Obviously, a better hydride releasing group will react faster. Therefore my answer was... more

Why does depurination happen at a higher pH (or under less harsh conditions) than depyrimidation?

I've always wondered why the N-glycosidic bond, which connects the adenine or guanine purine bases to their sugars, was the easiest to cleave via acid hydrolysis, or why purines have the lowest... more

Does unsubstituted benzoic acid not show resonance due to steric effects?

My book says that benzoic acid does not show resonance as the carboxylate anion and the benzene ring are not in the same plane due to steric effects. But there aren't any large groups in the... more

Why is a hydroxyl group more activating than a methoxy group in electrophilic aromatic substitution?

Why is phenol more reactive towards electrophilic substitution than methoxybenzene? Isn't the lone pair on the methoxy group oxygen more available for participating in resonance into the ring than... more


Ozonolysis conditions for benzene?

What are the precise conditions under which benzene undergoes ozonolysis? All anyone can tell me is that it undergoes ozonolysis under "vigorous" conditions. But, what vigorous conditions?

How to identify a compound as chiral or achiral?

I read my book and learned everything about enantiomers, racemization, $\\mathrm{S_N1}$ and $\\mathrm{S_N2}$ reactions, but when I'm trying to identify molecules as chiral or achiral, I get... more
Resonance Physics


The 440Hz tuning fork is used with a resonating column to determine the velocity of sound in helium gas.

If the spacing between resonance are 110 cm, what is the velocity of sound in He?   ans. 970m/s   ps. How can I get the answer? Thx! 
Resonance Physics


The frequency of a tuning fork is unknown.

Kyle uses an air column at 27 degrees and find resonance spaced by 20.2 cm. What is the frequency of the tuning fork?   ans. 859Hz   ps. How do I get the answer? Thnx!


Resonance structure for NSO

Draw atleast 3 resonance structures for NSO.


Hubble Telescope question

The Hubble Space Telescope is a reflecting telescope in orbit about the earth so that its resolution would not be limited by turbulence in the atmosphere. Its objective diameter is 2.4 m. For... more
Resonance Organic Chemistry


Resonance Contributor

How can I draw Resonance contributors ?

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