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Carbocation Organic Chemistry


Why are tertiary carbocations the most reactive, if they're already stable?

This may seem silly, but doesn't it seem weird for a compound that's stable (in this context, the tertiary carbocation) to be the most reactive? I mean, wouldn't it be the least, given that it's... more
Carbocation Organic Chemistry


Why are vinylic and arylic carbocations highly unstable?

I have checked the internet and read quite a few books, but I still am not able to understand why vinylic and arylic carbocations are highly unstable.     What I found while surfing the internet... more

What is a non-classical carbocation?

- What is a non-classical carbocation? - How is it different from a classical carbocation? I am confused as I have come across this term many times on Chem.SE but there seems to be nothing for... more


What is the reason for the exceptional stability of the cyclopropylmethyl carbocation?

Can someone explain this to me by drawing resonance structures for the cyclopropylmethyl carbocation please? Also one more question, is the tricyclopropylmethyl carbocation more stable than... more


Is the t-butyl carbocation more stable than the benzyl carbocation?

Various authors have different views regarding stability order of the benzyl and *t*-butyl carbocations. $$\\ce{PhCH2+ ; (CH3)3C+}$$ In my opinion, resonance effect dominates, so the benzylic... more

Saturated vs unsaturated fats - Structure in relation to room temperature state?

I'm sure most of us have heard that saturated fats are solid at room temperature, and unsaturated fats are liquid at room temperature. I'm wondering how this relates to their chemical structure --... more


Why aren't lower aromatic organic compounds taught?

Why aren't aromatic compounds with 3, 4 or 5 carbon atoms taught at high school level chemistry? We are instead directly taught about aromatic compounds with 6 carbons/benzene rings. Why? My core... more

Why is acetone so cold?

I have a summer job as a custodian and one cleaner I use is called Goof Off, which is pretty much just acetone. Another is a disinfectant which is mostly water. How come whenever I put the acetone... more

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