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Specific Gravity/Mass PLEASE HELP URGENTTTT!!

The specific gravity of blood at 20 degrees Celsius is given as 1.028. Determine the mass of 1.50 litres of blood in grams and kilograms
Specific Gravity Chemistry Chemistry Lab


What is the weight in grams of 300 mL of alchohol with a specific gravity of 0.8?

CHemistry problem dealing with specific gravity. 
Specific Gravity Science Maths Mass


need help on this question, dont understand it.

A 15 litre cylinder contains 0.35kg of butane gas (C4 H10). Assuming ideal gas behaviour, calculate the pressure of the gas if the cylinder is stored at 50 Fahrenheit.
Specific Gravity


im stuck on this one can someone please help

Find the volume of water which must be mixed with 20m3 of milk of specific gravity 1.032 in order to give a mixture of specific gravity 1.02.

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