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Sinónimos Spanish Vocabulario


Armpit: sobaco vs. axila?

Armpit in English can be translated as either *sobaco* or *axila* in Spanish. Is each term used in different regions, or are they both used across the Spanish-speaking world? What is the... more
Sinónimos Spanish Adverbios


How to decide between "ahora" and "ya" for the sense "now"?

I know that *`ya`* has additional meanings besides simply *`now`*, such as *`already`*.But considering just the sense of *`ya`* which does mean *`now`*, when should I use it and when should I use... more
Sinónimos Spanish Vocabulario


Vegetable: verdura vs. vegetal?

What is the difference between *verduras* and *vegetales*? In what situations can one be used as a translation for "vegetables" and the other cannot?
Sinónimos Spanish Vocabulario


Words for "East" and "West" in Spanish?

The words I learned when beginning Spanish for `east` and `west` are `este` and `oeste`, which are basically cognates of their English equivalents.But I've been told that there are other words to... more

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