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Science Fair Project Chemistry Feature Extraction


How do I extract ovalbumin from egg whites?

I'm looking for an easy to follow procedure (no jargon preferred)
Science Fair Project Science Chemistry High School Chemistry


What causes vitamin C concentration to increase in freshly squeezed orange juice?

Hi. In year 13 Chemistry we titrated an iodine solution with freshly squeezed orange juice which had been stored at different temperatures. We keep the orange juice solution in an incubator to... more
Science Fair Project


What food grows mold fastest

Science Fair Project


karens batting average was 0.444 she was at bat 45 times how many hits did she get

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Science Fair Project Science Middle School


Topic for Science Fair

I'm in middle school and I need suggestions for a topic for our science fair 
Science Fair Project


what are the variables for a solar oven project

 I am doing a conclusion and i dont knmow the dependent and independent variabes
Science Fair Project


Will different environmental conditions affect the growth of mold on different types of bread?

My current hypothesis for this questions is: Yes, I do think that the different environmental conditions will affect the growth of the bread mold. I would like to know what else I should add or... more
Science Fair Project Science


Does race affect reaction time to visual and auditory stimuli?

I am asking this question because I am currently researching it for my Science Fair project.
Science Fair Project


the horse latitudes are when the trade winds meet in a calm area around the equator

science question
Science Fair Project Science


You measure the mass of a mystery object to be 658 g. The actual mass of the object is 755 g. What is your percent error?

From interactive achievement textbook ??? 
Science Fair Project


I need help on where to start on a artificial intelligence bot that i want to make

I want to make an artificial intelligence bot but im not really sure on where to begin if i have to download sofware first or if someone can help me out that would be amazing. Thank you
Science Fair Project Science


environmental sciences

Arable land is land that a) is covered in water b) is uninhabited c) can be farmed d) sterile
Science Fair Project Science Physical Science


Science Question

A local FM radio station broadcasts a frequency of 97.0 MHz. What is the wavelength, in meters, of the electromagnetic waves produced?  
Science Fair Project Science


Doing a science fair experiment on the effectiveness of disinfectant wipes with bacteria growth in petri dishes, what is the Variables?

Doing a science fair experiment on the effectiveness of disinfectant wipes with bacteria growth in petri dishes, what is the Variables?
Science Fair Project


what is the gravitational constant

we are doing a science fair project with gravitational potential energy and are wondering what exactly is the gravitational constant

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