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Rectangular Form Polynomials Standard Form Convert


For question 1 convert and for question 2 write a polynomial function

1.) Convert cos(3pi/4) + isin(3pi/4) into rectangular form.           2.) Write a polynomial function, f(x), in standard form of least degree with real coefficients whose roots are 3 and 4i.
Rectangular Form Polar Equation


what is the rectangular form of: r= cos (theta) - 1

I got x=x^2+y^2+\sqrt{x^2+y^2} but when I graphed on desmos it didn't give me a graph like the original equation
Rectangular Form Pre Calculus Polar Equation


convert the polar equation...

Convert the polar equation r=cosθ+3sinθ to rectangular form and identify the graph.   


Rewrite the complex number in rectangular form, a + bi.

Rewrite the complex number in rectangular form, a + bi. z=(sqrt 2)cis(105 deg)=?   
Rectangular Form


Rectangular Form

Find z1z2 and z1/z2. Write each answer in rectangular form.   z1=4(cos45°+isin45°), z2=2(cos15°+isin15°).   Please show step by step work to solution and provide final answer. Please and Thank... more


Parametric Equation to Rectangular Equation

Convert the following parametric equations to a rectangular equation:            x=2cos2t             y=2sin2t      0<t<pi/2
Rectangular Form Math Calculus Precalculus


Convert from Polar to Rectangular Form

Convert the following from Polar to Rectangular Form:   r=3sinΘ(Theta)-4cosΘ(Theta)
Rectangular Form Math Calculus Precalculus


Convert from Rectangular to Polar Form

Convert the following from Rectangular to Polar Form:   2x-9y+3=0
Rectangular Form


approximate [100, angle 2.95 rad]

Approximate in rectangular form to the nearest 0.01
Rectangular Form Parametric Equations


How do I convert from parametric equations to rectangular form?

Write the rectangular form for the parametric equation x=cosθ ; y=4sinθ

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