Michael K.

asked • 10/25/14

How do you decipher what the constraints are in a linear programming problem?

Prince Co. manufactures and sells 2 kinds of tennis racquets, Flexo and Velocity.  While both racquets sell for $200 the contribution margin is $60 for Flexo and $50 for Velocity.  Flexo requires 4 oz. of fiberglass wile Velocity requires 2 oz. of titanium.  The 2 racquets are produced on the same production line that has a maximum capacity of 3,500 labor hours and Velocity takes twice as many labor hours as the Flexo to produce.  Direct labor costs are $10/hour for Velocity and $20/hour for Flexo.  Price Co. can only acquire 5,000 oz. of fiberglass, and 1,000 oz. of titanium, but can sell all the racquets it produces.  
Determine the optimal production of Flexo and Velocity tennis racquets.  
I don't understand how to get the constraints?

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Russ P. answered • 10/25/14

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