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hard geometry question

Four distinct points are chosen at random on a circle. LIne segments are then drawn connecting every possible pair of these points. Theses line segments divide the interior of the circle into how... more
Line Segments


Point on a direct line segment?

Let MN be the directed line segment beginning at point M(2,1) and ending at point N(11,-3). Find the point P on the line segment that partitions the line segment into the segments MP and PN at a... more
Line Segments


A line segment has endpoints at (-4,12) and (0,6). Another line segment has endpoins at (0,6) and (6,-3). Are the line segments part of the same line?

Plot the line segments  find out if they are apart of the same line  explain
Line Segments


Randy used 96 sticks to build a model project. Bryan used 3 times as many. Draw a diagram showing how many sticks Bryan used.

grade 4 math - Envision lesson 8-2
Line Segments Geometry


Write an equation of the line that is the perpendicular bisector of the line segment.

It must have endpoints (3,-1) and (3,5). 

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