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Question regarding integral of ln(2x+1) dx

∫ln(2x+1) dx; when I solve for this using u-sub with u = 2x+1, I get 1/2((2x+1)ln(2x+1) - (2x+1)) + C. However, when I solve for it using integration by parts, I get 1/2((2x+1)ln(2x+1)) - x + C.... more
U Substitution


integrate the interval x square root x+2 dx u substitution

∫x√x+2 dx
U Substitution Differential Equations


Find u substitute in y’-(y/x)=y^2

I am having trouble identifying where to start to find the U subsitute. 


Integration by u substitution help

I need to solve the indefinite integral, however it must be by the u - sub method.     ∫(x2+2)(x-1)7dx   Im guessing this is not the best way, however by tutor tells me it can be done the u sub... more
U Substitution Calculus Integration


integrate using "reversed" substitution

Using the substitution x=(√3)tany find the exact value of1∫3 1/√(3+x^2) dxexpressing your answer as a single logarithm in terms of y

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