11 Answered Questions for the topic Fifth Grade Math

Fifth Grade Math


At the store,you can buy 10 apples for $2.50 .how much does each apple cost?

I am doing a fifth grade math problem.And i need help with this problem.
Fifth Grade Math Word Problem Help Pls


Rides cost 2, 3, or 4 tickets. Rob used 24 tickets and went on 9 rides. How many of each kind of ride did Rob go on?

Need an equation solution. We used decomposition to break it down, but I know there’s got to be an equation.
Fifth Grade Math


Find out how much money Darcy and Jason have altogether.

please help me as least find how much money Maria Jason and Darcy has. Plz  problem: Darcy, Jason and Maria share $268. Jason has $20 more tHan Darcy and Maria has twice as much money as Jason. How... more
Fifth Grade Math


12 divided by 3/4

This a question my daughter had for homework
Fifth Grade Math


Ella has read 2/9 of her new chapter book. There are 450 pages in the book. How many pages does Ella have left to read?

This is a  problem my fifth grader had for homework
Fifth Grade Math Probability



If there are 4 red marbles, 7 blue marbles, and 5 green marbles in a jar what is the probability of selecting a red marble, replacing it, and then selecting a blue marble? What is the probability... more
Fifth Grade Math Elementary (k 6th)


What does a non regular polygon look like

an image or details of lines if it is regular or not plz plz i need ur help  
Fifth Grade Math Order Of Operation Basic Math


Order of Operation problem

There are 89 comments about this math problem on FB.    20/2(5+5)=   the answers include 0, 1, and 100   no wonder many of our kids have trouble  with math when the adults in their lives... more
Fifth Grade Math Fractions Math Help Decimals



3.1 is put as a fraction and so is .99  the denominator is 10 3.1=3 and 1 tenth of a whole .99=99 tenths=9 and 9 tenths of a whole 11.1=11 and 1 tenth of a whole dont know what to do!!!
Fifth Grade Math


the cafeteria has eight small tables that seat one person on each side. if ten tables are.pushed together to make one long table how many people can be seated?

this is a fifth grade homework question. 20 is not an option. I think its 22, but im not sure.  the possible anwers are 22, 11, 7, or 14. Thank you.
Fifth Grade Math


how to do 5th grade distrubertive property

how do you do fifth grade distrubertive property example 6 * 13

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