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Resource Recommendations Maps Graphic Design Automation


How to create an outlined drawing of a map or easily turn a Google Maps screenshot into one?

I could probably figure out how to do one, but I have to do like, 30 of these and I want to learn how to make it quick and painless. My first thought was using Live Trace in Illustrator, but I'm... more
Resource Recommendations Graphic Design Royalty Free Stock Images


Where are some good places to find royalty free stock images?

I'm always on the hunt for free stock images to use while I design, what are some good resources for images that are under a a royalty free or creative commons licence?
Resource Recommendations Astronomy Astrophysics


Recommend good book(s) about the "scientific method" as it relates to astronomy/astrophysics?

I am interested in astronomy/astrophysics, but I am not science major (I am a computer science graduate). Facts and results of the field are presented to the public without showing how these... more
Resource Recommendations Graphic Design Icon


What are some good resource for programmers to design icons?

I'm a programmer and find myself needing to draw icons frequently. Does anyone have any good resources for both the tools and how to design icons?
Resource Recommendations Education Graphic Design Color Theory


Tips and resources for beginning designers?

Thanks to the internet, graphic design and programming are becoming increasingly overlapping fields. As a programmer, I constantly find myself needing basic knowledge of Graphic Design, but have... more
Resource Recommendations Graphic Design


What is the single most influential book every designer should read?

What is the single most influential book every designer should read?

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