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what type of tests are in the end of the year?

well i am in 5th grade and for me i really think i am really dumb and stupid at maths and English but i lived here all my life and i am worried what type of tests i will get because i study them and in fact they are stuff i never learned all my friends have tutors and stuff but me i don't have one and when they speak to one another they seem to talk about what they learned and show there answers .. i kind of feel left out because i don't know what\how to answer it but mostly i am really worried about tests i will get i usually get like 4 out of 45 or something like that and my parents get really mad so i don't tell them ...and i am nearly going to 6th grade and i am really scared about my sats test and really i want to succeed in my test to my sisters school.

please help me by answering this question

bye ......xox


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Hi Lola,

I don't have experience with New York state testing, but I found these websites that may give you some information about what you will need to know for the math test and english tests.

I suggest working out practice problems and checking your answers. The answers are under the link "Scoring Key and Item Map." I hope this helps!