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Help me solve -4y+x-6=0

Slope and y-intercept of its graph.

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That means you need to get the equation to resemble the above formula.




1/4 is your slope, m. The y-intercept is b(in this case, -1.5). As long as you can reorder the equation to look like the formula you shouldn't have any trouble finding what your looking for.


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First, you need to get y by itself on one side of the equal sign.  To do that, start with any numbers without a variable:  add six to both sides.  Then move the x to the other side:  subtract x from both sides.  To separate y from the -4, divide both sides by -4 (remember that dividing a negative by a negative produces a positive).  (REMEMBER:  What you do to one side of the equal sign you must to do the other.)

Second, make sure your equation is in slope-intercept form:  y=mx+b, where m is your slope and b is your y-intercept.  Basically, put each section of the equation in order starting with the variable with the highest number of exponents.  In this case, x (with an exponent of 1) will come first, followed by the 6 (with an exponent of 0).

One you have your equation in the correct order, you can determine the slope and y-intercept by matching it up with y=mx+b.