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How to Read Music

Reading Treble clef remember this phrase for line notes(a line note has a line going through the note head ):

--------------------------------------------------------------Fly --------------

---------------------------------------------Does ---------------------------------

--------------------------------Bird ------------------

---------------Good ------


E is the first line or bottom line, G is the second line from the bottom, B is the third line from the bottom, D is the fourth line from the bottom, F is the fifth line from the bottom (remember there are 5 lines and we count from the bottom up like a hotel or building) Remember this phrase for the space notes (means its in the space): Face in the space









F is the first space or bottom space, A is the second space from the bottom, C is the third space from the bottom, E is the fourth space from the bottom, (remember there are 4 spaces and we count from the bottom up like a hotel or building) Reading Bass Clef remember this Phrase for the line notes:





For the Space notes in the bass clef remember this phrase:










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